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Credit Score
What is Credit score about?

IdentityIQ is a company that offers its clients a very comprehensive identity and credit card-related protection service packages. It has also been offering identity theft education programs to various institutions since it was founded in 2009.

The main objective of this privately-held, Nevada-based firm is to assist every client to understand the impact that the credit and personal identity theft can have, as well as giving them access to a wide variety of data sources that enable them to sense any identity fraud right before it happens.

The services that are included in this company’s comprehensive identity suite are:

– Family protection

– Dark web monitoring

– Identity theft protection and restoration

– Credit reports and scores

– Credit monitoring

– Identity theft insurance

– Application monitoring for all suspicious activity on credit cards and bank accounts.

How does it work?

In order to enjoy the benefits offered by a credit score checker, there are a few steps that you should follow. Here is how this company registers and serves its clients.

Sign Up
In order to get started with this company, you need to provide some details about yourself. The sign-up process is very short and simple, and you can get done with it within a few minutes.

They put you on their radarUpon completing the sign-up process, IdentityIQ places you on its radar. With its complete suite of monitoring products, this company will actively monitor your credit card and non-credit card activities. This will enable IdentityIQ to give you an insight into all the changes that are being made to your credit report as well as some non-credit related information.

AlertsThe bureaus objective is to empower you to see even the minor changes as they happen so that you can get ready to act as fast as you can if something goes wrong. If IdentityIQ finds any suspicious activity, they usually notify you.

Identity restorationThe bureaus has your back when you need help the most. If you end up becoming a victim of identity theft, this company’s experts will be there to personally help you to restore your identity.

Offering you financial peace of mindIdentityIQ offers its clients an $1 million identity theft insurance cover. This gives you the financial peace of mind that you need to go about your daily activities knowing that your funds and accounts are all safe.

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The plans offered

IdentityIQ has four plans that any willing client can choose from, including:

Secure Plan- $6.99/month- This is the most basic package offered by IdentityIQ- Offers several high-end solutions like dark web monitoring- It offers insurance coverage of up to $1 million for all funds lost through identity theft-related activities.

– The charges cover for lawyers and experts

– Clients who have paid for this plan get social security number alerts

– Synthetic identity theft protection is also offered under this package.
– You also get lost wallet assistance and report monitoring (with one credit bureau).

Secure Plus Plan -$9.99/month- This package has all services offered in Secure Plan.- Clients with this plan also get IQ alerts and change of address notifications.
Secure Pro Plan-$19.99/month- This plan offers all services in the Secure Plus Plan.- Clients also get credit report monitoring with three credit bureaus.- You can receive alerts on all crimes that are committed in your name.- You also receive credit score alerts.
Secure Max Plan -$29.99/month- This package offers all the solutions presented in all the above-listed plans.- Credit score tracker- You also get family protection- Fraud restoration services – Access to a credit score simulator

Identity Theft Protection details

Other firms that offer ID theft monitoring services only alert their customers when their SSN is used at the wrong address, or name. IdentityIQ, on the other hand, closely monitors the use of its clients’ social security numbers within its defined network, then alerts you of any suspicious activity.

It also does enhanced change of address notifications, as well as monitoring change of address requests occurring with credit reporting agencies.

IdentityIQ works with credit reporting agencies to stay updated on its clients’ credit reports, as well as credit scores so that they can notify them of:


– The changes to address and other personal information

– Credit inquiries

– All activities related to the reporting of a delinquent account.

– Judgments

– The registration of new accounts

– The application for new loans

– New public records

Such notifications enable you to stay on your toes in as far as protecting your money is concerned. Again, if any activity is flagged as one that is related to ID theft, IdentityIQ steps in to provide the necessary response measures.

Is this service legit?

As already highlighted, it has been around since 2009. If it was not a legit company, it would have been flagged by all relevant authorities for not serving its clients in the right manner, or for conning them of their hard-earned money. This company also has its physical offices in Nevada, where one can visit them if they have major unresolved issues.

IdentityIQ is a BBB-Accredited Business ( It has an A+ rating, which is sufficient to prove that this company is not a fraudulent one. Customers can, therefore, enjoy IdentityIQ Credit Score and Identity Theft protection services with the confidence that they will receive nothing short what can be termed as professional.
The Pros and Cons


– This company offers high-end identity protection

– The monthly plans and packages that it offers are quite affordable, in comparison to the other similar products in the market.

– The identity and credit reports that clients receive when relying on IdentityIQ are quite detailed and comprehensive.

– This company offers very informative online educational resources

– Offers an identity theft protection cover of up to $1 million


– The lower-priced packages do not cover the very essential identity protection services.
Time to check your credit score

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