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Cyber security – focuses on keeping software and devices free of threats.

There are two main concerns for most when it comes to computer security: malware and privacy.

While it is true that malware has received the most publicity in the recent golden age of computing, identity theft is actually a bigger problem than has been reported. Social engineering such as social engineering, a.k.a. computer hacking, involves people deliberately trying to trick others into doing something, like divulging confidential information or stealing software.

For example, a person posing as a retailer, eBay or Paypal (a well-known company that has regular issues related to security) customer may call the customer service department of a well-known company requesting a refund because supposedly his/her account has been misused, e.g., listed on a malicious website. When the customer service department asks for the user ID and password, the phisher will then use this information to gain entry into the company’s network, where they can cause serious damage to the organization’s data and critical systems.


A well-known phishing technique is the use of misspelled domain names. This can be used to spoof a legitimate URL such as [] with a fake one like [http://www.> Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify when the spoofing has occurred, and a good piece of advertisingware / spyware removing software will make sure that this part of the attack is blocked. 116-3789, OK As you can see, you can already see why this is such an powerful tool for those who want to hide things from plain view.

Preventing or even detecting such activity consumes much effort, and in some cases software that is supposed to prevent is actually harmful to your computer. It is important to be aware that your security is not guaranteed unless you have a reliable antispyware and antivirus software.

How can you spot a phishing attempt? A lot of things will determine whether or not you’ll be able to successfully pull off a phishing attack successfully. Things like: If you have a good reliable software, you’ll be able to pull off a successful attack without putting yourself in real danger. You can obviously expand on what you can do if you have a good software, but for starters, you’ll be able to stop the activity once it is detected. It is important to be aware that you can’t be 100% sure that no one will be able to hack into your account through a phishing attack, but you can definitely reduce the chances of it happening.

The challenge in making sure that your network has the best firewall security is that you have to balance the need for open access for critical users with the need to have highly secure network security. You will have to find a balance that allows you to do the following things: * Have a protective network firewall yet be able to provide access to users for legitimate reasons * Have a network firewall that is reliable and trustworthy without being so easy to attack * Have a foolproof system with multiple layers of protection * Automate any changes to the system without bogging down your employees So how do you get all of this done while staying safe in the knowledge that your company remains secure?

Some companies stay secure by using products and services that offer all of the above. But to achieve this state, they sometimes take the wrong decisions. The wrong organizational view can cause the wrong security solutions and hence, result in a company getting beat up by hackers.
Top 10 Computer Security Tips:

Computer safety is essential especially if you want to avoid liability and settle a lawsuit.
It is essential to have secure web banking and financial transactions.
It is essential to have all software patches and updates.
Avoid downloading files from unknown sources.
Be aware of viruses that could destroy your files.
Use email filters and change your passwords regularly.
Avoid clicking on spam mails and malicious websites.
Use antivirus software and always keep it up-to-date.
Avoid installing and using software that could expose your computer to malware.
Be conscious while browsing the internet.

Computer technology has become increasingly more powerful and capable with each passing day. The internet has continued to grow and encompass every aspect of our lives. With these advancements comes the possibility of cyber attacks from hackers, malicious code, viruses, e-mail and anything else which is deemed desirable.

For businesses, this creates an issue of how to handle potential threats to the security of private information with regards to their clients. When discussing the sphere of cyber security, we are interested in protecting work being done in a professional and business oriented environment. It is also about protecting the clients either for profit or for other reasons. While protecting the client may sound like a no brainer, the actual facticity of it is another story entirely.

Stay safe by using the best Cyber Security Software.

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