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Japanese Snack Box

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Japanese snacks is the best in the world

The Japanese literally have an endless list of mouth-watering and delicious dishes that keep their minds and bodies healthy. They also believe that by eating smaller portions while savoring every bite is healthier and helps to prevent overeating.

Traditional Japanese meals are about half the size of the ones consumed in most other countries. This practice can be seen in how they choose to eat and live. Although the Japanese eat smaller dishes, they also enjoy a wide range of healthy snacks between their meals.

Below are 10 scrumptious Japanese snacks that are healthy, low in calories, and provide an excellent source of nutrition:

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are a dessert that is made from sticky Japanese rice called mochigome. These snacks are chewy, gelatinous, and soft, and they come in a variety of sizes, fillings, and shapes. Rice cakes have been used in Japanese culture for centuries and in many ceremonies called mochitsuki. This popular snack can also be finished off with some kinako powder by roasting soybeans, which gives rice cakes a sweet and nutty flavor coupled with an airy texture that make these snacks a perfect dessert.

White Strawberries

Everyone knows that strawberries dunked in chocolate are a wonderful combination, but the Japanese have taken strawberries to the next level by infusing them with white chocolate. The Japanese take fresh and organically grown strawberries and flash-freeze them to remove the water.

The extracted water is replaced with infused white chocolate. The results are a fruity tartness and creamy sweetness, making the perfect snack. Just one bite of Japanese white strawberries can get you hooked and wanting more.

Japanese Snack Box

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Black Tea Donuts

Tea is a favorite beverage worldwide and has been a staple in Japanese culture since the beginning of time. It is also quite common to find an assortment of baked goods that are either eaten alongside or dunked in tea, but what if you could have the best of both worlds all in one?

Black tea donuts are made with infused black tea leaves. The results are a fluffy and delicious donut that melts in your mouth coupled with rich tea aromas. The Japanese, being the tea connoisseurs that they are, have simplified the process by combining the two together.

Chocolate Tai

Chocolate Tai is a Japanese snack that is traditionally known as red seabream, and it’s modeled after a popular Japanese dish called taiyaki. These cute little fish-shaped snacks are made from a red bean paste and waffle batter that is then filled with chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Tai is lightweight chocolate filled wafer that kids absolutely love and grownups savor with every bite. This snack also pairs well with tea or your favorite cup of coffee.

Japanese Corn Puffs

Who doesn’t love traditional corn puffs? Well, these are not your typical sweet snack that is oftentimes made into cereals in the western world. The Japanese use balls of fried tako (octopus) peppered and drizzled in sauce, onions, seaweed, and dried fish flakes to make their corn puffs. This delicious and savory snack can be found in many restaurants throughout Japan as well as in several supermarkets.

If you want a healthy and low-calorie snack that can be eaten on its own or served as an appetizer, then you need to try Japanese Corn Puffs.

Fried Sudachi Seaweed

Fried Sudachi Seaweed is a sudachi (green citrus fruit) and fried seaweed Japanese snack, They offer sweet and sour flavors coupled with a salty and bitter taste. The Japanese sudachi is comparable to a lime or lemon fruit, and in Japanese cuisine, it is often used as a key ingredient in a variety of soy sauces.

When combined with seaweed and spices, this snack offers a savory taste that is crunchy and very addictive. Japanese potato sticks are a better and healthier alternative as opposed to traditional potato chips.

Japanese Snack Box

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Apple Goldfish

Apple goldfish are known as yokan, and it’s a jelly snack that is often packaged in adorable wrappers that look like a playful goldfish. The main ingredients include made red bean paste, agar, sugar, and locally sourced apple juice. This delicious, sweet, and chewy snack can be found in Japanese restaurants where it is oftentimes chilled and served with tea as a dessert.

The playful wrappers are modeled after a game the Japanese call Kingyo where children use nets and scoop goldfish from a tank. Both kids and adults can enjoy these playful Japanese snacks.

Plum Potato Sticks

When it comes to Japanese snacks that have the ideal flavoring combined into a tasty and crunchy snack, plum potato sticks are a great choice and hard to stop eating at just one. Every bite has floral hints of plum blossoms combined with the earthy flavors of umeboshi (pickled plum) and are baked into a mouth-watering potato chip.

If you like the taste of sweet, sour, and salty all combined in one without the calories typically found in traditional potato sticks, then these Japanese snacks are worth adding to your shopping cart.

Rice Crackers

Japanese rice crackers have a long history and are one of the most popular types of Japanese snacks. These snacks are made from aged glutinous rice that is eventually turned into hard rice cakes over time. Once the aged rice cakes are ready, they’re smashed up, baked, and roasted to perfection.

Some Japanese rice crackers are also coated with a salty and sweet powder that comes in an assortment of flavors. These delicious Japanese snacks come individually wrapped, making them perfect for a healthy snack, regardless of the time of day.


If you love candy-art, these Japanese snacks are some of the most elegantly designed in the world. This sweet and sticky snack is made from eggs, flour, sugar, and sweetened beans and is often served in Japanese culture during tea ceremonies and private family rituals.

Namagashi resembles the looks of a mini, colorful flower with decorative leaves and got it’s color from other plants, making these Japanese snacks completely natural, fresh, and healthy. Once you’ve tried Namagashi, it can quickly become one of your favorite desserts.
The Benefits of Japanese Snacks

The Japanese culture bases its diet on a strict principle of both longevity and health; therefore, Japanese snacks are made with the highest quality of ingredients, fruits, and vegetables.

From crunchy and crisp to salty and sweet, Japanese snacks are known to not only taste delicious, but they’re also very good for you and your mental health.

Enjoy your batch of japanese snacks

Japanese Snack Box

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