Antioxidants are a real added benefit when it comes to the health, beauty and diet benefits they bring. They are substances that destroy free radicals in the body and limit their extent by preventing them from causing harm and oxidation. If you are wondering about what free radicals are, it is with this article. Antioxidants are considered to be very good for health, as they help the body fight against infections, chronic diseases, viruses and all kinds of powers that want to cause damage to the body.

There are many kinds of antioxidants that are proven to be beneficial to health and that is what the fanatics crave. The antioxidants that are considered here are the antioxidants that improve or strengthen the cells in the body. They help in improving the skins, healing problems and preventing many other kinds of health issues like heart diseases, cancer and arthritis. They have certain properties that can bring longevity if taken in proper amounts.

The fanatics do not know that eating foods that are rich in antioxidants gives them more defense against aging, plus they also feel better and look younger. Those antioxidants that are found here take out the oxygen that is present in the cells and cause it to oxidize. As soon as this happens, new oxygen is needed to take its place, and this leads to degeneration. It is believed that fanatics, who turn to fad diets to combat aging, are the ones who are practicing a lot of antioxidant diets.

fanatics believe that eating too many antioxidants is very bad because it may clog the arteries and also leads to other health problems. They do not know that there are many beneficial nutrients and anti-oxidants available out there in the market that are beneficial to the health. fanatics are not aware of this because they do not read or they have limited knowledge about health matters.

fanatics believe that health is something that they cannot do without, but they do not have the knowledge to think about what they are eating and what their choices truly have implications. fanatics are always looking for the easy way to improve their health while they are misled on diets they should be taking instead of the real ones.

It should be known that there are many beneficial elements and anti-oxidants available out there in the market. You can always choose to eat the right diet or the healthy food instead, without knowing it, as long as you know how much antioxidants to consume and they what to look for while buying it.

So, do not be a fanatic and learn to grab a cupboard full of fruits instead of digitalikes. Let us debunk many fad diets before they even get started in your health, because a healthy diet depends on knowing what to consume and how much of it. So, the saying goes, you don’t become a fanatic because you cannot be totally perfect. fanatics cannot be perfect in anything, but neither can you be.

fanatics believe that diet plays a major role in lasting and maintaining the effects of good years in your life. It has four specific aspects: genetics, physical activeness, mental attitude and spiritual status

fanatics believe that diet plays a major role in remaining healthy in your life. Every person has a unique make up that accounts for the major differences in our physical activeness, mental attitudes and spiritual status. Determination of what is best for us is entirely up to us.

The laws of health

To bring a healthy diet one needs to know the impact of the different foods that we consume as well as their beneficial elements and their drawbacks.

It is far more easy to practice a healthy diet without knowing the specific information behind it than it is to know what specific food is going to do us good. Here is where we need to look at the specific benefits of foods.

Benefits of consuming healthy foods

Healthy foods, foods with high biological and nutritional value, provide superior health and are essential to longevity and vitality. Below are the beneficial elements of healthy foods and their effects on our health.

Vitamin C

Knowing its benefits, I am sure that we have heard of this vitamin from our teachers and from our parents as well. This is a very essential vitamin that boosts our immune system that protects us from all sorts of illnesses and diseases. It is a superb anti-oxidant, as well as an antioxidant, and an abscessant. Vitamin C works on artery walls and brings them back to normal. Great benefits of Vitamin C are achieved by consuming citrus fruits such as Orange, lemon and grapefruit.


Knowing their benefits, minerals are put in to the category of healthy foods. Healthy foods, when consumed regularly, can help in preventing the type of diseases that we get later in life. Colloidal minerals and pure drinking water are two of the best sources of minerals. Fruits and vegetables are also a good source of minerals, good fats and water.

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