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Phone Sanitizer

Why Sanitize your phone?

Your phone as clean as it looks might be carrying the most significant percentage of bacteria than the public toilet seat.

This isn’t surprising as we don’t mind where we use our phones. We use our phones anywhere and at any time and the more the germs we collect with our hands, the more our phones become dirtier. There are natural bacteria, oil and microbe that covers your skin which has no negative consequences on your health. But once you touch your phone, which has no organism pathogens, then you are fond of getting an infection.

It shouldn’t be of concern, but you shouldn’t let it enter your body. You should know that any surface you touch has something on it and there are ways in which you can avoid getting your phone contaminated.

At times you may look at your phone and see it looking dirty. You take a fibre cloth and rub it thoroughly. This is an excellent way of cleaning your phone as it removes a bigger percentage of dirt and germs. But if you want a deeper cleansing of your phone, it is advisable to use the Mobile Sterilizer. This way you want need to use a phone sanitizer with a combination of 40% rubbing alcohol and 60% water.

In stead you just put your phone in the case and plug it in to your charger. The phone will be fully sanitized when the charging is done.

You can use it to clean your phone every once or twice per month to get rid of any dirt or germs it accumulates as you use it.

You should also wash your hands frequently to get rid of the bacteria you contract when you touch surfaces.

Your phone may get germs too if you have a chronic disease or cough and if your friend gets to use your phone, then he gets contact with the germs.
Keeping your phone clean

Majority of the people have realized how much their phones contract germs leading to them getting infected too and have found better ways to handle that. They do use phone sanitizers whose ingredients are 70% ethyl alcohol-based and 30% water.

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Phone Sanitizer – Click Here

This can get rid of 99.9% of germs your phone carry, and It also acts as a UV sanitizer technology which is used to sterilize everything and surfaces, causing a breakdown of germs’ molecules. To know the effectiveness of how a phone sanitizer works, it’s best if we look at the best phone sanitizers which are;

phoneSoap 3.0The phoneSoap is highly recommended as your phone sanitizer as it gets rid of highly accumulated germs in areas like sharing phones with your friends, child care and hospital. These areas have a high spread of bacteria and phonesoap’s cleaning cycle is convenient as you may be charging your phone as the cleaning take place. PhoneSoap can also sanitize other items like your jewellery, keys and credit card in about six minutes. phoneSoap is the best-acclaimed sanitizer for your phone as it is comfortable and practical to use. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on smartphon3es as it uses the UV rays and coats with insightful paints which ensures your phone is thoroughly sanitized. It comes with two USB ports which makes it convenient for you to charge your phone while still sanitizing it and has outlets that let you hear your incoming calls and notifications. Many people online, would recommend you to use the phoneSoap which gets rid of germs effectively, but the UV light doesn’t work quite well after some months, and you will get a replacement if it stops working before the one-year warranty.

UV-Clean phone sanitizer.The best sanitizer for you as it is cheaper than the other UV sanitizers making it ideal for you to access it. Its battery lifespan is excellent, making it easy for you to clean and eradicate germs from your phone case more than fifty times on one charge. The UV- clean sanitizer uses 2UV-C germicidal LEDs to get rid of germs in minutes. It is portable because of its lightweight and effective for use to clean any smartphone because of its large size.

Portable UV sanitizing wandThis UV sanitizing can kill 99.9% of germs on your phone. Unlike other UV sanitizers, it has an environmentally friendly UV power rays that require you waving it across the surface of your phone and all the harmful germs and bacteria like swine flu, and e-coli are gone. It is lightweight and portable for you can go with it anywhere, not minding

Phone Sanitizer – Click Here

where you will put it. It can fit in your purse, your pocket or even carry on. It can sanitize large devices in minutes too.

Mini IROLLERThis UV sanitizer requires no power like the other UV sanitizers, which will give you a headache trying to look for lasting batteries. It is a small shaped roller which you have to roll it over your tablets or smartphone’s touch screen for a few minutes to get rid of the germs, smears on display or even the oily fingerprints. Mini IROLLER sanitizer doesn’t need a wash after being used as it is reusable. It is also portable to carry it anywhere you go.

What to look for in a phone sanitizer?

• portability

What kind of a phone sanitizer do you want? Is it the one you can carry around with you or just a stay at home and use sanitizer? We should also remember that your phone is prone to get germs anywhere you go. Why not consider a portable phone sanitizer? You will be better off with a battery-powered handheld phone sanitizer which you will be brushing over your phone surface anytime you want.

• Compatibility

Before purchasing a phone sanitizer, try checking its compatibility as most are not able to sanitize larger devices. There are varied designs, and it will be best to check the one that works with your smartphone and if you want both for your phone and more extensive devices, go for the best design.

• Charging capability

There are those sanitizers with two USB ports that enable both the charging and sanitizing at the same time. Some have wireless charging device, which makes it even better.

Nowadays we are too addicted to our mobile devices, and they are never out of our sight as we go with it anywhere from washrooms, to parks and even restaurants. Here is where the devices get exposed to a variety of surfaces which they contract different germs and bacteria without out knowledge. Grabbing a phone sanitizer won’t be a bad idea as it not only cleans your device, but it is essential for your hygiene. Try creating a clean and healthy environment for you and your children, by using a phone sanitizer.

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Phone Sanitizer – Click Here