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There are various companies that offer gambling tax refund services in the US. It is worth noting that individuals are entitled to a tax refund of up to 30%. Consequently, individuals can access gambling wining tax refunds at affordable rates.

Us Tax Recovery is one of the many companies providing individuals with gambling tax refund services. The company has been in business for a number of years, during which it has enabled thousands of non US residents get casino tax rebates. Before getting a refund of his or her gambling winnings tax, there are a number of requirements that the individual has to submit. For starters, the individual should have a 1024 S form.

The individual can get this form from the gaming facility in which he or she won the money. The 1024 forms stipulate the amount of money won by the individual. If an individual wins more than $ 1200 in the casino, the gaming facility withholds about 30% of the money won by the individual. This is done to ensure that the individual declares the amount of money won in his or her income tax statement.

Secondly, an individual should ensure that he or she has an Individual Taxpayer Number (ITIN). By using a gambling tax refund services firm, the individual is saved the hassles of dealing with the IRS. Secondly, a gambling winnings tax recovery services company saves time for the individual. It is worth noting that a tax refund may take up to 3 months

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However, this process is short if the individual has an ITIN. An individual wishing to get a gambling tax refund should also ensure that he or she qualifies for the refund. Us Tax Recovery provides free consultations to individuals enquiring whether they are eligible to these refunds.

In addition to that, the individual is advised on what is required in the gambling winnings tax recovery process. Us Tax Recovery Services ensures that the individual does not incur any extra charges as he or she seeks to get his or her tax refund .An individual may be eligible to get a gambling tax refund after many years. However it is worth noting that every year, a lot of individuals do not get refunds due to the fact that they are not aware that they qualify for such refunds.

An individual may also get information on how to get a refund of his or her gambling winnings tax from numerous casino tar refund articles online. Us Tax Recovery Services require information about the individual.

To this end, the individual fills an online application form with details about himself or herself. Some of these details include the individual’ address, telephone contacts and email address among others. In addition to that, the individual is required to stipulate his or her citizenship status. Failure to provide any important detail required may render the individual’s casino tax refund unsuccessful. In addition to that, it is important for the individual to store his or her ITIN for future casino tax refunds.

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