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Japanese Snack Box

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Treats from Tokyo

Tokyo Treat is a popular subscription-based snacks company that delivers a delicious carton of Japanese savoury snacks, candies, and much more to your gate each month.

Every month’s carton follows a wonderful theme that is associated with special events and seasons in Japan.

Tokyo Treat Japanese Company is best for?

Whether you have ever been to Japan, you are arranging on visiting, or you are sentimental, Tokyo Treat Company is incredible for anybody who likes Japanese candies.

It might also be for somebody who yearns to try exciting flavor combinations since Japan is popular for this.

“The Tokyo treat carton also builds the wonderful gift impression for an individual in your life who cannot get abundant of anything associated with Japan. It is the gift that retains giving.

Tokyo Treat Particulars


When it comes to choosing Tokyo Treat products, there are two cartons to select from, and the prices are on a descending scale according to the number of months you sign up for. All the costs are in USD. The two cartons are:

• Classic carton: includes twelve standard Japanese treats

 22.50 dollars/box over twelve months

 24.50 dollars/box for three months

 23.00 dollars/box over six months

• Premium carton: includes seventeen standard Japanese treats and a drink

 33.50 dollars/ box for three months

 33.00 dollars/box over six months

 31.50 dollars/box over twelve months

Japanese Snack Box

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If you want to try Tokyo Treat but consider not to subscribe, you can ask for an individual carton to try. It is easy to upgrade your subscription if you choose to get more. Individual cartons cost 25 dollars for a classic and 35 dollars for a premium.


Tokyo treats ships its products internationally and for free every month, right from Tokyo.

Types of existing Tokyo Treat cartons.

There are two types: premium and classic. Almost every person loves the impression of idiosyncratic Japanese beverages. “That is why it is subscribed for the three-month Premium box over the Classic subscription. I was a great fan of Grape Fanta during my vacation in Japan, so there was an opportunity for us to reunite! Additionally, the premium subscription has more candies inside, so that appeared like a no-brainer.”

The top impressions of the Tokyo Treat packaging.

• Delivery, customer service, and website

The website of Tokyo Treat is simple to use, clean, and the process of ordering is easy, with only fewer clicks standing between the box and you.

The customer service punctually responds to the questions, typically within twenty-four hours. The staff is helpful and polite, so you cannot feel embarrassed asking them any queries you got.

Delivery for the first box may seem to be longer than you expect, but it deserves the wait.


Something interesting about Japan is that it has a high level of responsiveness to point in literally everything. It is also obvious that much care and pride has been put in the cartons: from the exciting, sturdy outer box making sure that treats are not squashed when you receive them to the Tetris-motivated alignments of candies inside the package.

A handy brochure is also included in the package that defines the snacks in your carton if you cannot read Japanese. The booklet also covers some other things to perform in the country for tourists, English guidelines for the candies, Tokyo Treat promotions, and much more. There is also an opportunity for you to be presented in the succeeding issue if you take a photo of your carton and post it on media platform with the hashtag of Tokyo Treat.
What you should anticipate in your Tokyo Treat carton

Japanese Snack Box

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As earlier mentioned, the candies in every carton are prudently curated to fit a theme. The snacks and themes are different every month, so it is always a surprise! This article outlines the various types of products that you should expect in your carton every month, the taste and quality. You will receive:
Popular candies in japan

These are candies you would instantly relate to Japan. Be ready to enjoy popular Japanese Kit Kats with their wonderful flavor combinations (such as sake!), high-quality Pocky nibbles, and much more.

1. Tokyo Treat party packs

These are delicious small-sized treats you can carry to a festivity. They come with seasonal flavors such as chestnut-flavored Kit Kats and mini apple pies. I think the mini apple pies need more custard, and the Kit Kat has a more wonderful scent but tastes the same as white chocolate. However, it is still yummy.

2. Gaming and Anime snacks

Anime and gaming snacks include famous anime characters and other sorts of comics on the box, such as Super Mario, Doraemon, Disney, and Pokemon.

The Shin-Chan Chocobi apple candies are great. The flavor tastes precisely like Nagano apples. Light, delicious, and sweet!

3. Beverages

Tokyo Treat drinks are unique. Where else would you get a mango-jelly flavored Fanta or Coca-Cola? Expect to get more sweet drinks, seasonal flavors such as milky tears, or even cherry blossom.

4. Tokyo Treat Share packs

Quite different from party snacks, the share packs are typically four packages joined and are made as a “tear and share” nosh. The share packs taste the same as BBQ twisties, and you will certainly want more of them. These snacks come in both savoury and sweet options, so there is something for everybody.

5. Dagashi

Dagashi is the small yummy snack popular with kids who use the money to purchase them on their way home from church or school. Do not allow that discourage you as an adult, nevertheless!

Dagashi box is typically shaped in kawaii creatures or covered with comic characters to kindle the infantile spark we have in us.

6. Kinosei snacks

Kinosei snacks argue to fame healthy benefits, ranging from boosting your collagen for baby skin, aiding digestion, and improving your health. They taste more of a yummy tomato flavor, though, with an understated clue of savoury.

Certainly, you will be happy with your Tokyo Treat purchases. The exciting and sturdy packaging is alluring, and there is an incredible variety of savoury and sweet nibbles to satisfy your cravings. The candies are an actual treat for each sense, from the flavors and aromas to aesthetic appearances of the individual packages. Opening and relishing every gift is a minor experience by itself!

Japanese Snack Box

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Snack Box

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