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Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and if you have been keen, you might have noticed the romantic aroma in the air. You might have also seen the kind of moods that people have. Increased number of flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, among other red items such as clothes, are some of the things to remind you that Valentine is around the corner. But, sometimes, you might be asking yourself what all these means, the flowers, the red attires, and gifts.

The common question that pops out is why celebrate Valentine. Although you might have celebrated this day before, it is possible to have any clue concerning it. You want to know about what is behind this day, right? Here is everything you need to know.

What is valentines day?

Valentine’s day or st valentine’s day is a holiday that happens on the fourteenth of February every year in which people express their love to their loved ones by giving them affection, greetings, and gifts. The holiday got its name from Valentine’s character, whose identity is unknown because of the numerous stories surrounding this celebration’s origin.

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Origin of valentine’s day

The exact origin of this day is not clear because of the several myths about the day. According to one of the stories, Valentine’s day has its origin in the Roman festival Lupercalia. This festival was usually in mid-February, and it included pairing of men with women by lottery and fertility rites. By the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I wanted to get rid of the pagan ritual and replaced it with St Valentines. And since then, the day is celebrated as a day of love, affection, and romance.

Purpose of the valentines day

On answering the question on the essence of Valentine’s day, understanding its origin first is essential. The first Valentine celebration was by the Romans in 496. The Romans celebrated it in mid-February, the start of spring. The purpose of the ceremony was to banish evil spirits from the city and regain purification. The pagans believed that pagan festival games and rituals would ensure them good health and prosperity.

As the Christian religion gained popularity, Pope Gelasius I changed the festival due to pagan practices. He altered the dates to the fourteenth of February. This was just a matter of fixing the date to match the Christian calendar and celebrate the saint rather than the paganic rituals.

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How the day gained popularity and its connection with love

The history of valentine’s day shows that the day has no much connection with love. The day gained popularity through poets who wrote about it. Poet Chaucer was the first poet to write about the day, which was in the middle ages. He wrote about King Richard II’s engagement to Anne. According to historians, that was the period when courtly love had begun., the love was all about reading poetry and doing some flirting games in secret and in court. After that, poets came up and started to write about the day.


Valentines is all about showing affection to loved ones and not only romantic lovers. Gifting a loved one is a choice and not mandatory, but staying together and sharing some moments is crucial. Regardless of the story behind the day, people will always celebrate this day. Valentine’s day 2021 will be on a Sunday, wishing you all the best as you look forward to this special day. Have a blast.

Happy Valentines day

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Valentines Day Flowers – Order Here