What is superbowl sunday

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Introduction to superbowl sunday

Superbowl Sunday is not a new term in the United States. But it’s important for the residents and people from other parts of the world also to understand Superbowl Sunday in detail. First, you should know that Superbowl Sunday is the most-watched event in the U.S.

Although the event does not occur during an official holiday, most people take it as a national holiday.

What happens during the Superbowl Sunday? The Superbowl Sunday is the day that marks the end of the National Football season. It occurs every first Sunday in February. The final game of the National Football League champions is held on this day.
A brief history of the Superbowl Sunday

The first game of this nature took place on January 15th, 1967. During this time, the game involved the champions of each league:

The Green Bay Packers, who are the National Football League, and
The Kansas City Chiefs, who are the American Football League.

The game was hosted in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It was broadcasted across different television networks.

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Later in 1970, the two teams were merged into NFL. Two conferences were then made within the NFL as follows:

The American Football Conference
The National Football Conference.

The Superbowl Sunday was born from the two conferences where winners of each conference play the Superbowl game. It’s good to point out that the league adopted the roman numerals in 1971 to mark every Superbowl. So, every Superbowl from that time has been numbered by the roman numerals rather than the year they take place.
How does the championship work?

NFL has 32 teams. The teams are divided into two championship conferences. The 16 teams in each of the conference are further divided into 4 categories as follows:


In each football season, each team plays 16 games. Thus, the total number of games played in the football season is 256.

A team plays two games in total against other teams in its division. One game is played home and another one away. Further, every team plays two home two away games against another conference division. It also plays a game against a division from the opponent conference. Each of the games is decided by a rotation system.


The NFL season ends with six teams qualifying for playoffs from each of the conferences. Two of the teams are wild cards chosen from the number of wins they meet in the championship. More so, there are rounds of games called the Divisional Round, the Wild Card Round, and the Conference Round. Two winners emerge from the conference rounds to take part in the Superbowl.
Superbowl Sunday celebrations

Celebrations for the Superbowl event attract friends and families across the United States. They gather at bars to do parties or at home as they watch and celebrate. The spirit of football sport extends even to the people who are not fans. The football fans tend to sport their team’s merchandise and jerseys on this day. Being the most-watched show in the whole of America, television shows fight to be the ones to air the event well before the actual dates of the event.

In 2021, the Superbowl will be held in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. The event will take place on February seven, being the first Sunday of February.

I hope you enjoy the event as far as everybody else will.

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